Witch Cry

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We’ve all have heard tales about witches – some of them being ugly old women, others being beautiful young ones, but all of them possessing some sort of a magical power. This game centers around one such woman who used to be quite happy with her supernatural gift and unusual life. Until one day something happened and everything changed… Do you wanna find out what? Maybe you’ll be able to delve deeper into this mystery and figure out how to fix everything? Let’s discover that playing Witch Cry online!

Why is the witch crying?

In this eerie horror game, you will find yourself in an old house that used to be inhabited by a witch. The local legend has it that, after a horrible tragedy, she became detached from the whole world and closed-up to anyone who tried to help or even comfort her. This house still reminds of that with its creepy shadows, spooky sounds and the rest of weird, scary things that are going to be happening here all the way through your Investigation. Search the place, find clues and items and follow the story of a small child that was locked up here years ago step by step to find out the truth about the past!

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