Baby In Yellow Games

Baby In Yellow is a horror game telling you a story of a very strange child that seems to be possessed by some dark force. You play as a baby-sitter who agreed to take care of the kid for the weekend. But as you go around the house following your nanny responsibilities you figure out this part-time job may cost you your life… What’s wrong with the child and can you save both yourself and him? Start playing the game and find out!

Who is this baby and what’s his secret?

The whole thing starts with you finding yourself in the house and looking at the baby that will be in your charge for the next several days. The gameplay runs from the first person view – you see the hands of your heroine and perform all the actions as if you are actually walking around the house and doing it all yourself. At first, it’s nothing complicated. When it’s time to feed or wash the kid, or put him to sleep, you will be alerted by special indicators showing his mood. Then you have, for example, to go to the kitchen and warm up a bottle with milk, or change the diaper, or put the toddler into a bathtub with warm water.

Actually, if you stick to your duties consciously, you may never see the dark side of the baby in yellow (for some reason, he always wears yellow clothes, whatever it means). But if you disregard your job, the kid may grow too upset or angry. And you’ll regret it! Whenever his emotions overpower him, the house seems to come alive, and not in a good way. The lights start flickering, the furniture starts moving on its own. You may even see some more disturbing things – like inscriptions fading in on the walls (looks like they’re written in blood) or some kind of black tentacles meandering along the staircase. Creepy, right?

Save yourself or risk exorcising the baby!

But that’s not the scariest thing waiting for you in the game. The baby himself will also go through really spooky transformations – you can see him hanging in the air, his eyes glinting blood red and his head spinning 360 degrees on his neck. You’re clearly dealing with a monster in a child’s skin, but how do you drive it out of the poor boy? There is a solution for that, but you’ll have to explore the house in search of an amulet capable of dealing with the demon possessing the child. Based on this, Baby In Yellow can have several different endings. Which one awaits you this time? Plunge into this thrilling horror adventure and try to survive!

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