Standoff Games

Are you looking for a fresh plot full of action and fights? Then you will definitely enjoy this new shooter! Standoff is a new project, aimed at impressing the fans of this genre. In this story, you will take part in a fierce confrontation between two clans – official forces and terrorists. Such games have only one ultimate mission as a rule – to defeat all the enemies until no one is left! This entertainment is no exception, so take your time to test it properly.

Decide on your character!

Everything is rather straightforward in Standoff. You will face two teams on the battlefield and they will have a task to destroy each other. There are several locations here, but each environment is very limited, making it a real struggle for players to succeed against the enemy. One team represents criminals. These are terrorists who will set multiple bombs everywhere, trying to destroy all around. The other group of players is the official forces whose goal is to stop the disaster and neutralize the bastards. You are free to decide for yourself whom you want to support in this cruel adventure. All you need to do is to get armed to your teeth and fight till the last breath. The battles usually do not last more than five minutes, but even this short fight will keep you on the alert from the first till the last minute. If you get relaxed, you will get killed during the first moments of the confrontation. So do not put your fun aside and be ready to open fire instantly. Do not forget to upgrade your weapons to decently fend off your opponents!

Fight for life and death!

You can enjoy several modes in Standoff, but they all are very similar. You select your team and then find yourself in a fighting arena together with other players. The fight will begin immediately. You have only one plotline here – hectic battles as you cannot negotiate with your enemies. So you will either win or die! There is one interesting nuance to know – you can respawn several times if you got killed – only a few seconds are needed for this. But once you wasted all your lives, you will have to start everything anew. The arsenal of weapons in this game is thrilling – from guns to grenades. You only need to make a timely decision on which of them to use to bring the biggest harm to your opponent. And, of course, the crucial aim of the team is to properly coordinate the actions of all participants to succeed. Only carefully selected tactics will help you mislead and outperform your enemy, no matter what team you support. Players can communicate via chat and messenger to agree on all actions. The gameplay is practically endless as the developers keep adding new locations and weapons. So join it right now to receive a fresh portion of adrenaline. You will adore this challenge!

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