Melon Playground Games

Melon Playground is a sandbox, but not a usual one. The building part here is included for one single purpose – so that you can destroy what you’ve just built later. And that’s the main thing why people keep playing this weird game. Launch it online right now and see for yourself!

Create your own action movie scene

This game won’t stun you with amazing graphics or realistic physics. It’s as basic as it gets in terms of art style and animation. But that’s not the main point, and you’ll soon find out what the whole thrill of Melon Playground is. So, the first thing you are going to see is a map editor allowing you to choose the size of the room where the action will unfold. The bigger the map the more space you’ll have to arrange all the characters and elements, and also the larger the scope of their interaction.

Then you have to choose things to add to this empty map. The menu includes different categories where you can find the list of structures, weapons, vehicles and other stuff that can be put into the room. While structures serve purely to create landscapes (and obstacles, and also to be destroyed), weapons and transport are interactive elements. And they can be set in motion by configuring their parameters. And since you have weapons, you also need characters to shoot them. They are also present, although there is not really much of a different between them – they all look like pixel ragdolls and move the same way. Expect some quirky physics and hilarious scenes!

Set it in motion and enjoy the chaos!

Once everything is ready, all that’s left to do is press play. The setting you’ve just created will come in motion. People and vehicles will start moving, shooting, clashing and causing all sorts of chaos. Destroyed parts of buildings will fall on the running characters, mines and bombs will explode, machine guns, circular saws, razors and all other sorts of weapons installed in their path will be turning everything to ashes.

You don’t have to participate in this process directly – just sit back and enjoy the show. It’s much like staging your own action movie (or rather a cartoon given the primitive visual aspect, but it doesn’t make the game any less exciting – on the contrary, everything looks incredibly clumsy, loony and fun). The number of combinations between various elements is endless and depends only on your imagination. Plunge into the crazy chaos of Melon Playground right now!

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