Pacman Games

Pacman is a retro arcade where you have to control a pixel head moving around tricky mazes, collecting dots scattered in your way and avoiding monsters. You can’t get out of the maze until you eat all the dots, so even if you see the door right in front of you, you have to get into the farthest corners of the labyrinth and pick up every single dot. Do you think you can do it? Then let’s go!

Have you missed Pacman?

Everyone who played video games as kids remembers Pacman. It was one of the first arcades that gained wide popularity, and thousands of people used to spend hours trying to beat another level. Like all games of the time, it was as simple as it gets, both in terms of graphics and controls. And since old games now experience a revival, Pacman is back online and can now be carried around in your own pocket – you just have to get connected to the internet and launch it on your smartphone to plunge into nostalgia.

The rules are nothing complicated to figure out. Your character is basically a head that makes its way around a randomly generated maze opening its mouth and swallowing dots as it passes through another part of the map. There are also monsters moving back and forth through that same maze – sometimes you can predict where they will go next, but mostly their trajectories are just as random, so you have to react on the go. If you run into one of the monsters, you’re doomed. So beware!

Collect all the dots and pass all the levels!

Luckily, you have several lives that you can use up. And also some you can collect on the levels – they will form an extra supply for the future where the levels will become really challenging. There will be more walls, more blind corners and also more monsters chasing you. Good reflexes are a must to succeed at Pacman. So if you haven’t played it for a long time, you might need some headstart to renew your skills!

There are also other bonuses waiting for you on the map. Some of them will make you invisible or invincible for monsters, and for a short time you’ll be able to move around without fearing them. The monsters will then become grey to indicate they’re not dangerous anymore. In some Pacman versions, after eating a lot of dots or bonuses in a row, you can also become big enough to also eat the monsters. Start playing Pacman online right now, choose a version of your favorite childhood game to your liking and have fun!

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