Choo Choo Charles

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This is a new cool story about trains. The character finds himself on an unknown island. However, there are trains moving here. But wait, what is wrong with these vehicles? They look like spiders that run after you! It is a thrilling horror adventure, where your only task is to survive at any cost. The heart will be jumping out of your chest, but you should not give up!

Run away from Charles!

One train is especially dangerous. His name is Charles, and he is determined to catch and swallow you. It looks like people are his favorite food. You will be moving in your traditional train, and you will have to escape this terrible destination without being eaten. You will soon find out that the greedy owner of the island blocked all boats going from here. Besides, there are other tourists imprisoned here. And only can help them all survive. However, you have no weapons or other means of defense. How can you succeed literally barehanded? All you can do is to develop a really good speed and simply run away from bloodthirsty Charles. But there is a little turret on the back of you train – use it to fight your enemy. Step by step, you will collect scrap around the place and exchange it for weapons. You will also have to complete a lot of different tasks in order to release everyone who got stuck here. Make sure to gradually enrich your arsenal to fend off all Charles’ attacks.

Avoid mistakes!

Your opponent will be restlessly travelling around the location. Sometimes, you will have to leave your vehicle when you need to collect different things and complete missions. But you should know that the game will be over for you if the antagonist catches you on the ground. Keep exploring the island and accumulating resources to get access to various upgrades. Some locations will be quite dangerous. You will meet various characters as you travel, and they will give you quests. Do not worry – each of them comes with precise instruction, so you just need to carefully follow them. Although the game belongs to a horror genre, it cannot be called too scary. However, do not forget that you become extremely vulnerable once you are off the train. It will be almost impossible to avoid death attacks of evil Charles. However, you can use a part of your resources to enable your character to respawn. So are you ready to run through all these challenges and trick evil opponent? Do your best to survive!

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