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Do you love games where you need to continuously demonstrate achievements? Then you should not miss this new release. The entertainment is known as Only Up and, despite being available in the net for only a few months, it has managed to attract a huge audience. So what is the game purpose? Look for a hint in the title of the game – move Only Up! Let’s test your skills right now!

A bit about the story

The protagonist of the game is Jackie. It is a teenager who lives in a terrible reality. His world reminds a ghetto, and he dreams to get out of it. One day he seems to get an ideal chance to realize his dream. His environment is going through some mysterious change – everything starts to move and float in the air. Absolutely every object is moving up. This is time to follow them and reach the sky. You will have to jump from one of them to another to get higher and higher. Are you ready to risk and help the personage leave his world behind?

Concentrate and keep going!

This challenge will test your focus and determination very easily. You can realize that sometimes it will be a struggle to move up. You will interact with objects that are not stable and continuously move. And once you take a random step, you will instantly fall down. What is even worse – all you progress will be burnt, and, unfortunately, you will need to start this path anew. How high will you manage to climb in this never-ending obstacle course? Do not be afraid of failure, take some time to train and soon you will show a stunning result. Have incredible fun in this cool adventure.

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