Backrooms Games

Wanna feel real paranoia and suspense? Then welcome to our creepy and fascinating Backrooms games! Here you will have to find a way out of an eerie maze opening various doors and checking out what’s behind them. Prepare to solve tricky puzzles, deal with mounting sense of discomfort and anxiety, and also running away from scary creatures if it turns out that another door leads to danger!

Escape this nightmare and don’t go mad!

According to the concept of the game, you fall into some kind of a parallel dimension or get stuck in a bad dream. It doesn’t really matter what kind of place it is, what matters is how fast you will be able to get out of here. The whole setting looks rather disturbing – it’s a long labyrinth of yellow walls with rows of doors in them. It’s completely quiet around, and only dim lamps illuminate your path as you move along the corridor wondering if this dead silence and immobility is going to suddenly break into some kind of a horror.

So far, nothing happens, and you have no other choice but to look into each of the rooms and try to do something with the stuff you find there. It can be almost any set of objects, and your task is to figure out how they connected and should be put together to solve the puzzle and make things work. There will be barely any clues, you will have to rely on your logic or often even pure intuition experimenting with various solutions until you stumble upon the right one. Maybe one of these rooms hosts an exit out of this nightmare…

Beware of the monster living in the maze!

Since Backrooms is a horror game, the element of suspense is very well sensed here. There is a special insanity meter that will make your character lose his mind if it goes too high. To prevent it, you need to check out your watch every several minutes. Otherwise you may experience some really disturbing hallucinations that don’t get any less frightening when you tell yourself it’s only happening on the screen of your computer.

Besides, there is a horrible monster roaming this maze, and you’d better stay away from him… You can tell that this creature is near by certain signs. Beware of any strange movements, shadows and noises. See if you can escape the creepy labyrinth of Backrooms in the shortest time possible or, on the contrary, hold out within these yellow walls longer than other players. Choose any version of the game right now and start your adrenaline-packed horror adventure!

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