Rainbow Friends Games

It was supposed to be just a merry event for the whole class. Just like the other kids, you couldn’t wait for this field trip to a new amusement park and already imagined yourself screaming in excitement on a roller coaster and binging on cotton candy. However, the park turned out to be shabby and abandoned, and you ended up trapped in it by some mysterious guy who had a bunch of monsters to make sure you don’t get out before the fifth night… Can you survive in this nightmare and outsmart the evil creatures? Let’s find out!

Trapped at an old amusement park

The gameplay will instantly remind you of other horror games like FNAF or Granny where you have to stay alive through the night hunted by some wicked beings and make an escape in a limited number of attempts to save your skin. Only instead of animatronics there are Rainbow Friends, and instead of Granny there is an enigmatic stranger orchestrating the whole thing. Otherwise your task is the same, so stay highly alert from the very first to the very last minutes of your creepy adventure!

Every night, you will have to meet a new monster and complete some tasks that are mostly about collecting a certain number of objects and bringing them somewhere. In any case, you will have to spend the night moving around the dimly lit territory of the amusement park watching out for any signs of danger. And while the monsters you already encountered and know what to expect from them will hardly catch you aback, the tension is heightened by the fact that they aren’t introduced at once, but are added in portions. So you always have to keep your ears sharp for any unusual sounds and your eyes peeled for anything that can signal the approach of another Rainbow Friend.

Beware of Rainbow Friends!

So how do your stay alive among all those creepy monsters? You might have a chance if you learn the habits of each. There are four Rainbow Friends named after their color – Blue, Green, Orange and Purple. They all have their unique features and patterns of behavior: for instance, Green is blind and you can fool him by freezing on the spot, but you should remember that you won’t be able to hide from him somewhere in a box – a trick that would easily throw Blue off the track. Orange can be kept inside his lair if you feed him on time because he only walks out when hungry. And Purple sticks to the ventilation system attacking out of the water. Keep that in mind and your chances of survival will increase!

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