Ice Scream Games

Ice Scream is a series of horror games that tell about an evil ice cream seller who kidnaps little chil-dren and freezes them at an old factory. You play as a boy who witnesses the antagonist freeze and grab his best friend. You have to follow his route and come up with a way to free the poor kid. In later parts, you will also get to save other children, so prepare for a thrilling adventure!

Who is this man and what is he up to?

The story of Ice Scream sets off in a quite suburb area where one summer day a quite common, to-tally unsuspicious ice cream van appears and starts driving around luring the kids with its merry jin-gling. The little ones cheerfully run to the sound carrying spare change given by their parents in their small hands. The eskimos, vanilla cones, frozen juice and other sweet treats sold by the stranger are so tasty! Everyone is happy.

However, it turns out the ice cream man is not as simple as it seems at first sight. You discovered it by chance when you suddenly saw him using some strange sort of magic on your best friend who came up to the white window to buy another portion of his favorite ice-cream. The frozen body of the poor boy fell right into the hands of the villain and he carried him inside the track. You don’t have a lot of time, you have to follow the vehicle and find out what the ice cream man is planning to do with your friend!

Follow the ice cream truck and save your friends!

The gameplay is based on stealth and puzzle solving. Your main task is to stay unnoticed because then you will share the unenviable fate of your buddy and all the other children kidnapped by this horrible maniac. Luckily, there is a training mode in which the ice cream man doesn’t see you at all and you can get used to all the mechanics before setting out on a real quest.

Your maneuvers will include sneaking inside the van, following the antagonist around various loca-tions and looking for items that will help you figure out his next step and eventually rescue your fro-zen friend. While the map remains the same, the location of objects you need to find changes every time, so it will still be a challenge no matter how many time you replay the game. The whole thing gets even more intriguing in numerous sequels that send you to the old ice cream factory where the villain keeps his victims. Will you be able to save them all? Play Ice Scream online and find out!

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