Garry’s Mod Games

If you’ve always felt like a real engineer and inventor at heart, if you love creating things and testing them out in practice, if you’ve been looking for a game where you can do all that without limitations – welcome to Garry’s Mod! Here you can make just about anything, from various devices, weapons and vehicles to entire maps that are playable. And all that with realistic physics and incredible graphics!

Have fun engineering, inventing and testing your creations!

Putting together a laser gun in real life is rather problematic. First, you need the necessary spare parts and materials that can be expensive and hard to find. Secondly, you have to possess minimal engineering education and skills. And finally, it’s downright dangerous because if something goes wrong and you put a wrong kind of reactive fluid into your innovative power generator, you can end up fried up in your workshop together with all of the equipment you’ve been gathering with so much trouble. It’s way better to indulge in this kind of stuff in the virtual space – like Garry’s Mod!

Here everyone can try what it’s like to be one of those mad geniuses inventing futuristic, crazy and technically sophisticated gadgets the analogues of which will probably not be seen anywhere in the next few decades. In Garry’s Mod it’s possible, and moreover, you can test out your creations when they are ready! You’ll surely be thrilled with lifelike physics, with the way objects interact with each other and how every small aspect is taken into account by the developers of this great game.

From innovative gadgets and futuristic vehicles to entire maps!

Playing Garry’s Mod isn’t very complicated – the interface is simple and clear, you will find your way around the menu rather fast. The controls are even simpler – just drag and drop. There are all kinds of elements, textures and ready objects you can include in your invention or location. Yes, there is an option to build whole maps coming up with the landscape, disposition of objects and rules of interaction. Basically, it’s a full-fledged physical sandbox, and the best part is that everything you do and make in the game is testable and playable. You can actually check out how your inventions and creations work in practice and share them with your friends or simply random players on in the community. Discover more playing Garry’s Mod online!

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