Wordle Games

Wanna check your vocabulary and have a fun time solving exciting word puzzles, Wordle is just the right game for you to play! Here you have to guess just one word a day that is common for all players. But the way you can do it is rather tricky! Will you be able to come up with the right answer just in six attempts? Let’s see!

Five letters, six attempts!

When you launch Wordle, you see an grid that counts five cells horizontally (equaling the length of the word you have to guess, it always has just five letters) and six vertically (the number of attempts you have to do it). The grid is yet empty – you have to enter letters there yourself using the keyboard at the bottom. The controls are really very basic – just click or tap the letter you want to add and you’ll see it on the grid. If you want to delete the word you just typed, use the button with the cross. The enter button is required to validate the word.

Now comes the most interesting thing. After your first attempt, the game will highlight all the letters in the word you just wrote with one of three colors. If the letter is gray, that means there is no such letter in this word. If it’s green – congratulations, you guess both the letter and its position in the word correctly. Now in all the other words you”ll be trying this particular letter will stand just in the same place, so your task is now simpler. If the letter is yellow though, that means it’s present in the word, but should be repositioned elsewhere.

Tricky and fun!

Six attempts seem to be enough to guess any word, but in fact it’s not always that easy. Even if you already have, for instance, one green ‘A’ in your word, that doesn’t mean there can’t be another ‘A’ in it. But you are going to see it only if you enter a word with two ‘A’s. Tricky, ha? The vocabulary of Wordle is rather broad and can include words that are not so common. For example, words like ‘melee’ can really baffle you because there are all three ‘E’s in it and how are you supposed to figure it out right away?

But don’t get upset even if you fail first. Like in other games, it all comes with experience. And playing Wordle on a daily basis will soon increase your word-solving skill to the point where you’ll be able to guess the right word at the third or maybe even at the second attempt! The game keeps track of your progress and compares you to the bulk of other players. You can also check out the unlimited version if you don’t have to wait for another day to solve another word. Good luck!

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