Toca Life Games

Toca Life is a colorful virtual world where you will be able to start a new, exciting and eventful life! Create your own hero or heroine, come up with a unique appearance for him or her, explore the wonderful city and check out the vast possibilities available here! Plenty of mini-games and quests, ability to get acquainted with other players and invite your friends to join the fun will surely turn this simulator into one of your favorite!

Have a virtual life of your dream!

Like maybe games of the sort, Toca Life starts by offering you to create your own character. This guy or girl will represent you in the game. But don’t worry, even if you want to change your hero later, you will have an opportunity to do it. Moreover, there are plenty of outfits and accessories here, and the list is constantly enlarged and updated. So you will be able to renew the looks of your avatar as often as you want. The main thing is that you have enough virtual currency to afford all the items you like!

The coins can be earned in many ways. There are various mini games that you can play in Toca Life. Most often, they are not so complicated, but here everything is just like in regular games – they get tougher and tougher the longer you play. You can also win prizes in different contests or simply get rewards for completing daily assignments. Besides, it’s also an opportunity to meet some new friends while chatting with the rest of the participants!

So many things to do, so many people to meet!

Social interactions are an important part of Toca Life. Here you can visit the homes of your virtual friends and go out together. You can chat inside the game and plan a great leisure exchanging your impressions right on the spot. Who knows, maybe some of these people will become your friends in real life as well!

Other possibilities in the game are no less exciting. For instance, you can open your own restaurant and become a legendary chef, or your own hotel, or hospital. The city abounds in various infrastruc-ture where you can have all kinds of fun – go to an amusement park and take a ride on a roller-coaster, enjoy a night at the cinema or even have a romantic date. The options are so multiple that sometimes you will find yourself spending a whole day in this incredible virtual world. Immerse your-self in Toca Life right now and see what else this great game has in store for you!

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