Papa’s Games

Papa Louie is a series of games dedicated to cooking where you will learn tons of recipes helping the main hero run his own restaurant. And since Papa Louie is a guy who is always striving for something new, prepare to go from making burgers to preparing ice-cream, discover the secrets of various national cuisines and even become a professional barista! One thing for sure – you won’t be bored!

All cuisines of the world and all possible recipes!

Cooking simulators are a great way to learn more about culinary and try some recipes on your own without messing up your kitchen and spoiling the products. However, they are even more fun to play when there is some kind of story behind the whole process. And Papa Louie games do a great job in that respect! The main hero is a charming man who originally comes from Italy and specializes in pizza. But ever since he started traveling around the world and finding out more about different culinary traditions existing in various corners of our planet, he didn’t mind trying other things as well.

That’s why Papa Louie games don’t stop at teaching you how to make a perfect pizza. You will also learn to put together delicious burgers combining sometimes rather unexpected ingredients and fry them just to the right condition. You will try your hand at preparing sushi, Indian food, taco and burrito. You will discover the secrets of cooking all types of desserts, from cupcakes to ice-cream, and whipping up the best coffee drinks. Maybe some of these skills will come in handy for you on your own kitchen!

Make your restaurant thrive and become a real chef!

However, cooking is not the only thing you will be doing in Papa Louie games. You will have to run a whole restaurant which is not an easy thing. Customers will be walking through your doors all the time, and each of them will have a specific dish in mind. You have to accept their order, prepare it on your kitchen without making the client waiting for too long and serve the meal hot and tasty. That will directly affect your income and reputation.

The money earned during the game can be invested in upgrading your kitchen equipment – that will help you cook faster and with less risk of burning or undercooking the food – and decorating your place to make it more attractive to the locals. Start playing Papa Louie games right now and see if you can turn your restaurant into a hip hangout known all over the city!

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