Clicker Games

Clicker games are a new popular genre allowing you to enjoy a full-fledged gameplay simply clicking or tapping around the screen. This easy control scheme is one of the reasons, but not only, why clickers are so popular among all categories of players. Check out the games we have on our site and pick the one to play today!

Simple as a click!

Modern gaming technologies move in the direction where the controls become more and more simple. Complicated control schemes including multiple buttons and their various combinations take too much time to get the hang of and are not always convenient. So developers are striving to streamline this part of the gameplay as much as possible. That’s how the first clickers were born.

There is nothing easier than finding your way around any clicker game. All you need to do is just move your mouse around the screen and click on the desired elements or menu lines. No buttons at all! On smartphones, you have to tap instead of clicking, but the concept is basically the same. So these games can be easily played with just one hand if your other hand is busy and even by small kids whose motor skills aren’t that advanced yet and how might have trouble with more sophisticated controls. Of course, adults pretty much favor this genre too because it allows them to spend a great time and relax after a stressful day at work. So what kind of clicker games exactly are waiting for you on this page?

Business simulators, puzzles, adventures and much more!

Clicker games come in a great variety. Some of them challenge you to run some kind of a business – for instance, become a cookie magnate continuously expanding your assortment of sweets and manufacturing facilities. Some allow you to do something as complicated as building a whole house in a few (hundred) clicks. There are also games where you have to solve puzzles or search for missing objects looking into drawers, lifting up carpets, checking behind wall pictures and digging in flower pots – all done by clicking.

Sometimes you can even set out on a heroic adventure, fight with monsters, collect artifacts and pass levels using the same mechanism. As you can see, clicker games are rather versatile and offer a wide choice for fans of different genres. Immerse yourself into their diverse world, scroll through this section (and this is going to be the most complicated action you have to perform before launching a game to your liking!) and have a great time playing clickers online!

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