Slime Rancher Games

Slime Rancher is a quite unusual farming simulator where, instead of fruits, vegetables and cattle, you will be growing alien slimes on a far-off planet. The purpose of the whole enterprise is getting plorts – little shiny crystals that are the source of highly valuable space fuel. The better conditions you manage to create for your slimes, the rarer species you add to your rancho and the more plorts you stimulate them to produce the richer you will get in the end!

Farming far from Earth

Like in many other games of the sort, you’ll start out small. You won’t have a lot of space at your rancho to accommodate too many slimes, so you’ll have to begin with just a bunch of the most primitive ones. They aren’t very picky about living conditions and food, so you can afford to gradually expand your farm and increase their number. But the plorts they produce are also not of the most expensive variety. So you’ll have to venture outside and bring in some other, rarer and plort-efficient kinds that inhabit the neighboring lands.

While doing that, make sure you’re well-protected and stay on your guard! Aside from peaceful and innocent slimes harmlessly slithering around and chewing alien apples on quirky-looking trees, there are also rather dangerous and predatory species lurking in the area. You need to beware of these man-eating slimes and always carry some means of defense against them, the best being a fire gun!

Slimes, plorts and man-eaters

All slime types in Slime Rancher are different in their looks and the quality of plorts they generate. And so do their tastes. Some slimes are rather capricious and won’t eat just anything. So you’ll have to go outside more often to bring in their favorite fruits – or, as an alternative, plant some at your own rancho. If you give the right food to the slimes, they will produce more plorts, so learning their diets is essential.

You can also get new slime species by crossbreeding. The new slime kind will delight you with double plort production or sometimes even giving plorts of two types at a time. Note though that you can’t keep mixing the newly created slime species more than once otherwise you will get the terrible man-eating slime that may cause a lot of destruction at your farm before you deal with it! There are many other secrets and nuances to learn about Slime Rancher. And the best way to do it is to start playing this amazing game online right now!

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