Alphabet Lore Games

Alphabet Lore is a series of games based on the viral cartoons that hit the web not so long ago and already gained great popularity. Here the gameplay revolves around the quirky letter characters from those cartoons that all have their unique appearance, habits and personalities. Together with them, you can set out on riveting adventures or even fight them as they attack you as evil monsters!

When letters come alive

Each of the heroes in Alphabet Lore looks and acts differently from the rest. They are letters with consciousness that can move around, grab things with their hands (if they have any) and open their mouthes to either talk, sing or eat you alive. After watching the cartoons and playing the games about them for a while, you will already clearly understand what to expect from one character or another. Just like people, their have different personality traits – some are rather sociable and kind, others are timid and nervous, there are also those that are aggressive and dangerous. Knowing everything about each letter will help you figure out how to behave around them in our amazing Alphabet Lore games!

Have fun together with Alphabet Lore characters!

Here you are about to enjoy all kinds of activities, from running and shooting to solving puzzles. Since there is no particular plot in the original cartoons, Alphabet Lore games don’t impose any genre or story limitations. In some games, they are just there, and you can simply enjoy their company doing something that doesn’t directly relate to them. In other games, you have to save the characters from danger (by solving puzzles, for instance) or defeat them in a gripping fight.

And if you think letters can’t fight well, you’re wrong! You will have a chance to see that while defending your base and trying to fend off the evil alphabet monsters that are trying to get inside and kill you. You’ll have to come up with the right tactics and set of weapons to protect your fortress successfully. And of course could something like that go past the famous FNF series that adds every new bunch of popular game heroes to the list of Boyfriend and Girlfriend’s hip-hop opponents? As you can see, the range of entertainments waiting for you in our incredible Alphabet Lore games is very wide. Flick through them right now, choose the one to your liking and start playing online this very moment!

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