Chess Games

Games of logic and thinking are always useful, regardless of age. Chess is not just entertainment, but also an officially recognized sport, which suggests the importance and prevalence of this game.
In this section you can find different options of chess in the online format. In this block, you can find both simpler and more understandable game modes, and more sophisticated options where you have to connect the ingenuity.
Games from this section are a real opportunity to learn hidden chips, think ahead and not make rash decisions.


We should start with the design and here the developers have done a lot of work. Games from this genre are shaped in a minimalist style, but this does not diminish the color. If desired, it is possible to choose the colors of the board, chess pieces timer and other elements.
It is worth highlighting the simple and pleasant design of all the elements, starting with pawns and ending with other chess pieces.
The same applies to timer, board, and other elements that may matter to you when choosing online chess.
In the timer section you have the option to specify detailed settings, specifying the time of the round. You can set from 1 to 30 minutes, depending on which format you prefer.
You have the opportunity to start the game as an authorized player, having previously registered or login as a guest. The second option limits you only in rank and cumulative rating. Otherwise, the gameplay looks identical and is no different from the classic standoff.

Who can you play with?

An online game gives you the opportunity not to download any installation files to your computer or phone. You just go to the site, log in and you can start the gameplay.
The game has several main modes:
● With a bot – here you will be confronted by a computer, the difficulty level of which you set yourself;
● With a friend – you have the opportunity to find your friend and check online which of you has mastered the art of playing chess better;
● Tournaments are an option for more experienced players who are ready to demonstrate their experience in practice.
You just have to think carefully about which mode is more interesting for you and make the right choice.

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