Yandere Simulator Games

School years are probably the most emotional in our life. That’s the time when there is a storm of feelings in our soul, we fall in love for the first time and try to find our place in this world. Yandere Simulator invites you to play the role of a usual Japanese schoolgirl who has a crush on her classmate. She keeps thinking about him all the time and dreams of the moment when their lips will finally meet in a sweet kiss. However, there is a problem – she is not the only girl on the campus…

Make choices and change the course of the story!

The game is built like a visual novel where you move through different locations and participate in scenes including dialogues with box choices. That means you can actually decide what you are going to do the next moment and what you will answer to another phrase of the characters you will be running into at school on a daily basis. Since it’s your choice that defines the further course of events in Yandere Simulator, the whole story may evolve differently every time, and that’s what makes you return to it over and over again even if you already played it a dozen of times before.

So what’s the goal of the game? You have to make sure your beloved one ends up with you. For that, you have to get rid of all the rivals which are other girls showing interest in him. And there are various ways in which you can do that. The most obvious one is peaceful talks – you can make friends with another girl and just explain to her that you’re in love with this guy and maybe she will back down. Or you can resort to tactical cunning and, for instance, fix her up with another boy.

Eliminate your rivals and make the guy you’re into fall in love with you!

Some of more insidious and even brutal ways of reaching your purpose include intrigues and direct violence. For example, you can ruin a girl’s reputation by setting her up at school. Then the guy of your dreams won’t even look in her direction anymore. Or you can use a good old katana (yes, the main heroine has one even though she’s a sweet-looking teenager in a school uniform) and spill some blood. Just make sure none of the classmates or teachers catches you in the act. You don’t want to go to jail instead of on a date! There are plenty of alternative plot twists that can happen in Yandere Simulator. Discover them all playing this great anime-style game online and see if you can win the love of that one special guy!

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