Stickman Games

Stickman games comprise a large category that is dedicated to the adventures and mischiefs of a famous hand-drawn character everyone surely knows. Prepare to run, jump, fight, shoot, race on bikes, perform stunning parkour tricks, run away from jail, wreak havoc on the virtual city and do a lot of other crazy and fun things! With Stickman, you will never get bored!

The most reckless online game character of all times!

The world of online arcades would be dull without Stickman. This is a character who can’t spend a day without doing something drastic. He hates sitting still and doing nothing, so he always sets off on another mad mission and finds entertainments that many of us would call extreme and even dangerous. Well, what can we do, he is like that, and we are happy to keep him company! In these great games, you will be able to enjoy the most incredible and wild activities together with Stickman helping him pass tricky levels with a record score, overcome obstacles and defeat enemies and simply having fun!

Thrilling and crazy adventures to any taste!

So what kind of Stickman games are waiting for you on this page? Everything that is connected with action and extreme. Are you up for a head-spinning parkour race through the city? You have to show amazing reflexes hopping over all the hurdles and dodging the traps just in time to avoid a painful fall. The crazier the stunts you are going to perform in the process the more points you are going to earn.

Or how about a street fight using all kinds of weapons, including your stick hands and legs? If you don’t want to fight just for the sake of it, you can take off on a noble quest of rescuing the city from criminals and clearing the streets of the bad guys. Or maybe you are a bad guy yourself? Then you will surely enjoy a dizzy ride through the neighborhood on different kinds of transport as you knock down fences and by-passers, crash into other cars and run away from the police.

In some games, you can even control a whole army of Stickmen clashing with another army just like that! There are modern-day combats and their medieval varieties where your character will be wearing armor and carrying a knight’s sword that he is going to brandish in the arena designed like one of those tournament rings in the Middle Ages. Start playing our incredible Stickman games online right now and choose the one to your liking!

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