1 Player Games

Looking for an exciting online game that you can enjoy all on your own without having to team up with your friends or compete against other players? Then welcome to our vast collection of 1 Player Games! Here you will find all kinds of virtual entertainments belonging to different genres that will surely spruce up your leisure and raise your mood!

Why are 1 player games so great

1 player games are a classic version of any video games. Long before co-op was born, you could only play solo. And this is actually a great way to spend your free time. After all, you can fully plunge into the colorful and fascinating world of the game, without getting distracted by the movements and comments of the person sitting next to you on the other side of the keyboard and having this entire thrilling adventure all to yourself. When you’re the only one playing, you can come up with your own agenda and tactics, you can pass the levels as you like and you don’t have to look back to see if your partner is fine and whether they need your help. Finally, some games are even not meant to be played together, so it’s only natural that they are also found in this section.

Huge choice of games to any taste!

The list of 1 player games that you are going to find on this page is rather impressive and versatile. There are different genres represented here. You can choose a simple arcade that will allow you to relax after a hard day without making you strain your brain too much or something more sophisticated, with a storyline, character interaction, ability to equip and upgrade your hero or even the need to crack riddles and cope with various logical tasks as you move through the gameplay.

Some games are focused on action – runners, shooters, racing and fighting games, sports simulators will give you a chance to blow off steam and experience intense emotions. Other games are more unhurried and calm leaving some space and time for you to think over your choices and decisions. This is particularly important for games where you have to create or build something, or solve puzzles, or run some kind of a virtual business – say, your own farm, restaurant or gold mine. The selection is simply astonishing, and you will easily discover an option to your liking. Check out our amazing 1 player games and enjoy your alone time in the bright virtual world at your computer or on your smartphone!

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