Simulation Games

Wanna try something new and different, something you don’t usually do in your daily life? Then wel-come to our incredible simulation games! In this section, you will find games that emulate various processes and activities with a stunning degree of realism allowing you feel what it’s like even though you’re just sitting at your computer and everything is happening only on its screen. Find a game to your liking and let’s go!

What’s the thrill of simulation games?

Each of us dreams of trying something extraordinary in our life. Someone wants to jump with a para-chute, but is too afraid to do. Another one wants to learn piloting a plane. There are people who nev-er dived with an aqualung and those who don’t even have a driver’s license. How can they enjoy all of these activities? With simulation games, it becomes possible! Here you can try a wide variety of stuff, from different kinds of transport to simple things like cooking. And even totally fantastic things like becoming a dog or watching and controlling the development of a human fetus in the womb! In-trigued? Then hang by and check out our amazing simulation games!

Realistic and educative!

So, the first and main feature of this genre is that these games allow you to try all kinds of things just like in real life. The entire process is usually implemented very realistically, so you will get an experi-ence as closed to the real stuff as possible. For instance, cooking simulators will teach you all the nuances of preparing various kinds of products and meals and you will get to control the finest de-tails of the process – say, whipping the eggs too vigorously can ruin the texture of your dessert, even though those are virtual eggs and you’re doing it with the help of a virtual blender and you simply tap the screen for that.

The second trait of simulation games is that they actually have an educative element to them. Yes, driving a car on a virtual track is not the same as doing it in real life. But you can still learn the traffic rules and get used to all the elements on the control panel that you’ll have to deal with when you get behind the wheel of a real vehicle. So if you want to learn the basics of something, be it making cocktails or driving a boat, it won’t hurt to start with one of these great simulation games! Finally, they are just fun and will help you while away your free time in an exciting and entertaining way. Good luck!

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