Granny Games

Do you want to feel the real thrill of being chased by a crazy maniac? If so, welcome to Granny! In this game, you will encounter a mad old lady who locks people in her huge house and offers them a possibility to escape in just five days. If you fail, you’ll remain inside forever – as a cold dead body. Are you ready to begin?

Get out of Granny’s house!

The game starts when you wake up in an unfamiliar room upstairs. There is just a bed here and a table where you find a note telling you the rules of the game. The door is locked, and your first task is to find a key lying somewhere in the room to get outside. But you should be very careful – Granny is out there. She is on the lookout, listening out to the slightest noise you make. So every time you drop something or even a floorboard creaks under your foot, you can expect Granny to run to the sound. And then you need to either run too or hide in the first place that seems suitable. Like in a closet or under a bed.

However, Granny isn’t dumb – she might figure out to check some of such places and if she finds you there, she will knock you unconscious with her heavy bate. You’ll wake up in the same room again – minus one day and minus one attempt to exit her horrible manor. However, now you’ll be armed with the most important thing – knowledge. Will it be enough to make it out of Granny’s house? Let’s find out!

Don’t get caught by Granny!

The manor is big and consist of multiple floors, rooms and passages. You’ll have to explore most of them in search of items that will help you get out. These items are scattered in random places, so you can’t miss a single corner on your way. You have to carefully look through all the closets, drawers and other nooks and crannies. Something that looks like total rubbish may turn out to be the key element you need, for instance, to fix the car that you can try to use to break out by driving right through the garage wall. Or a shocker that will give you a chance to stun Granny and get her off your back for a while offering you a few seconds to maximize the distance between you.

Unfortunately, there is not so much space in your inventory, so you have to pick just a bunch of items to carry around. Just try to memorize where you left the rest in case you need them so that you can come back and pick them up. Your ultimate goal is the front door – there are all kinds of bars, locks and other security systems on it. You can also run away in several other alternative ways – play Granny online to discover all the endings!

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