Among Us Games

Among Us is an awesome mix of detective and survival where you have to reveal the identity of the killer posing as one of the space ship crew members. If you fail to do that, everyone on the ship will soon be dead. Things will get even more fascinating if you get the role of the murderer! Shall we get started?

Find the killer or be killed!

According to the story, it was supposed to be the first big space flight in the history of human civilization. The rocket with ten astronauts on board is heading to a far-off planet the telescopes have found to be suitable for life. But what if there is already life on it? And the creatures that inhabit it don’t want to share. So they have sent a man (or whatever life form it is) of their own in the disguise of a human astronaut. He looks just the same, so you can’t tell it’s an aline simply by looking at them. However, there is an angry monster inside that spacesuit. And you’d better figure out who it is fast because otherwise everybody on this ship is doomed!

At the beginning of the match, the players are randomly assigned the roles. One of them becomes the Impostor while the others act as peaceful crew members. The goal of the Impostor is to murder all the astronauts without being found out. Peaceful players, on the other hand, need to unmask the killer and throw him overboard. That happens in the form of voting that takes place every time someone finds another dead body. Players discuss their observations and suspicions, accuse each other or try to justify themselves if they are the ones being accused. The person who gets most voices against them leaves the game. If the guess was right, the match ends in favor of the astronauts. If not, the killings continue. You don’t have too many attempts!

Fix the ship before it’s too late!

There is yet one thing astronauts should do. Since the spaceship won’t fly on its own, every member gets a list of tasks they have to complete. By the way, if the astronauts manage to cope with them all, the game will automatically end with their victory. However, the Impostor isn’t sleeping on the job. They can complicate the life of their victims by sabotaging vital systems of the ship. When something like that happens, the rest needs to fix the problem immediately. That’s a good diversionary tactic plus the astronauts may, for instance, run out of air if they fail to handle the emergency in time. Start playing Among Us online and try out both roles!

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