CS GO Games

CS GO is one of the most popular shooters you can find today online. Everything is simple in this project – you have two teams fighting against each other. And you will play for one of them. Both teams have a clear mission and it is usually to destruct the opponents. The one who completes his task faster receives a match point. The team wins the match after winning a certain number of rounds. The most popular scenario is when the terrorists need to plant a bomb at a certain location, and the special forces need to defuse it.

Choose your role

The gameplay is designed in a way to allow the players to enjoy different roles. You can play for terrorists or for special forces. You may have guessed the goals of each team. If you support criminals, you will have to plant bombs at certain points and keep it hidden to your opponents. The bomb needs to explode for your team to win. But if you support special forces, your mission is to prevent this disaster at any cost. You must find the bomb and neutralize it before it is too late. Each role is very thrilling to test. All events unfold on maps, where each team must complete a specific task. To succeed in it, you will have to be really smart as your enemies will interfere with all their might. They will open fire at any moment, throw grenades and even attack from behind. The arsenal of weapons is simply stunning – pistols, shotguns, machine guns, automatic and sniper rifles and much more. You will have to master all these types to use them effectively. Depending on your performance, you will get a special rank, which will grow as you improve your fighting skills.

Play with your friends!

Initially, the game offered a variety of modes. These included hostage rescue, escape and various survival adventures. But only one of them turned out to be the most attractive to the players. This is a plot where the terrorist team needs to plant a bomb and let it explode, and the special forces need to kill all the terrorists or defuse the bomb. Also, the criminals have the opportunity to simply kill the entire enemy team and win. It is vital to know that if the entire terrorist team dies but manages to set a bomb and it explodes, the terrorist team still wins, regardless of how many players of the opponent team remain alive. This project is multiplayer with an excellent selection of weapons, maps and mods. You will just need to find a preferred server to enjoy this severe confrontation with other CS GO fans from all around the world. Of course, you will have to train a lot to learn to use all the weapons and develop an efficient combat strategy. It will allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest and achieve unbelievable things in this shooter.

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