Color by Number Games

Color by Number is a vibrant and beautiful virtual coloring book that combines elements of pure art and a bit of a puzzle. Because here you need to color the picture based on the numbers on each of its fragments. There are plenty of amazing images to work on and add to your gallery when you’re done. Start playing right now!

Plunge into the world of bright colors!

Painting and even simply coloring pictures has been long proven to be a highly beneficial activity for our brain and nervous system. When we calmly draw the brush or pencil over a sheet of paper and watch it being filled with beautiful bright colors, when we take our mind off all the everyday troubles and worries to focus on the outlines of the image, our psyche takes a kind of a reload and we stand up feeling much better.

Virtual coloring books have the same effect. You will see it for yourself after playing Color By Number even just for a few times! It’s also a great solution for anyone who doesn’t feel to be that strong of an artist yet wants to try what it’s like to create art. Here you don’t even have to think which colors to choose for this particular picture – just where to apply the color that goes under the number of 2, 3, 8 or any other.

Get through levels and improve your color-by-number skills!

The whole process is as simple as it can be. You enter the game, choose a picture you want to color today (the choice is rather wide and there are various thematic groups to select from – cars, houses, nature, people, cats, fantasy characters and so on). You see a white-and-black image in front of you that is yet blank, with just outlines. It’s also divided into sections of different size that all have numbers on them.

These numbers correspond to colors on the palette you have to apply to that particular area. For example, if black is number 1, you have to fill every fragment of the image with number 1 on them with black color. The same applies to every other number and color. So, to cope with the task successfully, you just have to be attentive and concentrated!

As you progress through Color by Number, the pictures get more and more complicated. They have more fragments that are also smaller, so it’s easy to get lost among this scattering of numbers covering the canvas. So take a deep breath, fix your eyes on the screen and get to work! Many dozens of marvelous pictures are waiting for you in this incredible game and it’s readily available to play online all the time. Have fun!

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