Geometry Dash Games

Are you looking for new cool adventures? Then we know what you will like – it is the Geometry Dash series! It is a 2D platformer where you need to pass a lot of obstacle courses. You will play for a bright and quite unusual character – a cute cube that will rush along dangerous passages and overcome various obstacles. Millions of players have already become fans of this engaging entertainment and wait for updates! And we bet you will join the Geometry Dash community once you spend some time playing it.

What is your objective?

The main goal of the player is to successfully guide your funny character through dozens of tricky levels. How can you overcome multiple difficulties? You will jump and fly them over! Unfortunately, you will have to face the craziest barriers possible – crashing walls, deadly spikes, flying spheres and many other dangers. What is interesting, the shape of your personage can change during the walkthrough – you can turn it into a ball, a robot and even a spider! However, if you are just a beginner who struggles to pass the level with ease, you can add checkpoints and save all your achievements. So next time you try to pass the same level, you can start for the saved moment. Every time you are trying to make your way through a new adventure, you will be accompanied by a cool soundtrack to make your walkthrough more enjoyable. So make a spectacular performance and help little cube succeed!

Earn all possible incentives!

Every time you run along the path, you will see a lot of items that you can collect and make your account grow – these are stars, gems, secret coins and even keys. If you manage to accumulate enough of them, you will receive new skins for your personage. There are several modes you can enjoy in this exciting arcade – Life, Meltdown, World and Sub Zero. You will get access to a handful of new adventures and trials. Each mode brings new obstacles and allow the character to perform new stunts. Do not get upset if you get stuck on one and the same level. This game requires special skills, so you will have to devote some time to training before you master all controls and learn to perform successful stunts. But once you enhance your skills, it is going to be never-ending fun! The developers allow customers to generate their own levels with a built-in level editor. You can create really thrilling trials and invite your friends to overcome them!

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