Shooting Games

Wanna enjoy some hot action and fight for your life with a gun in your hands? Then welcome to our great shooting games! This genre spans an immense number of games to any taste among which you will surely choose an entertainment that will suit your preferences and playing style. Let’s get started!

Why do we love shooting games?

Shooting games are great. They allow you to feel like a real hero or at least a real sniper. After all, a man lying in ambush on the rooftop of a sky-scraper isn’t necessarily a special agent hunting down some kind of a super wanter criminal – perhaps he is a cold-blooded hired gun just waiting to do his business and earn his money. It’s up to you to choose the role!

In shooting games, you get to shoot from various kinds of weapons, sometimes rather exotic ones. You can master all sorts of pistols, rifles, AMRs, SRPs, even crossbows and futuristic laser guns. Each of them has their own ballistics that should be considered when firing (although not all games offer realistic gameplay, so it might not be the case if you’re looking for some simple fun). Getting the hang of all these aspects is incredibly fascinating!

Finally, shooting games provide us with lots of adrenaline and all the gripping emotions that we often lack in real life. So if you feel like you need a shakeup, that’s just the right place to be! Especially if you can share the fun with your friends or compete against random players to find your name on top of the leaderboards!

Any kinds of stories, all possible modes

When it comes to shooting games, the space for setting up a place, time and events is just infinite. You can find yourself in the middle of World War II or join any of the modern warfares. You can become a special forces soldier and travel around the hottest spots of the planet to restore peace and justice. You can participate in mafia clan wars and sort out relationships with rivaling snipers in the noir setting of a night city. Or you can become a local rookie just walking around the streets and causing chaos around you.

The modes available in shooting games are also very diverse. You can play solo or invite your friend, either for a duel or to team up and fight the bad guys together. You can play team vs team or join an epic battle royale where it’s every man for oneself. Take a look at our amazing shooting games, pick one to play today, put your finger on the trigger and plunge into action!

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