Stumble Guys Games

You are invited to enjoy an incredible knockout game! This somewhat absurd entertainment will throw you in a crowd of funny personages that compere and try to survive at any cost. The match is designed for 32 players. And you become of these cute looking guys. All participants will start on a crazy run and will try to overcome multiple obstacles. Only the strongest player can become a winner! Do you think you are determined enough to fight for this title?

Face a lot of bizarre trials!

It will be fair to pay special attention to the characters. They are incredibly funny. These are cartoon-looking creatures with a lot of skins to earn and try on. You will be able to select the preferred hero from the menu and then customize it to your liking. There is only one idea to follow – make it as weird as you only can. You can even design it is a dragon or a unicorn! This approach will surely make you stand out from the crowd. All players start to run at the same time, trying to overcome every barrier that may pop up on their way. Moreover, you can even knock down other runners to win time. The overall chaos is only increasing as you go forward. All you need to do is to skillfully punch, grab and slide to leave behind all your opponents. How do you control your personage? You have only a virtual joystick and a jump button. The graphics of all the obstacles is amazing – all the objects are very bright and colorful.

Try to win all the rounds!

You will have to go through several rounds. It is vital to be among the first players who will reach the finishing line. Half of the participants will not be allowed to the next level. Thus, after the first round, only 16 players will be admitted to the next stage. And during this run, the further 8 players will be kicked out. You must be the strongest to win this chaotic confrontation. But the good thing is that you can try to pass this challenge as many times as you wish. And even if you fall during the round, it is not obligatory to leave the run – just get up and continue the fight! You will face really spectacular obstacles – giant snowmen, falling platforms and rotating doors. Any of these can kill you in a blink of an eye. So your agility is a key to success. Also, be very careful and avoid getting too close to your rivals as they will use this moment to push you to clear the way. Stumble Guys is a project that will keep you active from the first till the last minute. Give it a try right now!

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