Hill Climb Racing Games

Hill Climb Racing games invite you on a thrilling road adventure! Prepare to get behind the wheel of an old red sedan and start your way through the countryside to eventually make it to the desserts of Sahara, the Himalayan mountains, the North Pole and even the Moon switching to the most incredible kinds of transport. Simple yet dynamic and addicting gameplay, lots of maps and upgrades and colorful graphics will keep you at the screen for long hours!

Show good reflexes and driving skills!

This story begins when a simple rural guy inherits a not very new and fashionable, but quite working car. Finally, he has the opportunity to leave his native farm and go on a journey around the world! Of course, first you need to learn how to drive properly. Therefore, the first levels will be quite simple. You need to drive through the fields and hills of the American hinterland, carefully choosing a route between all the potholes, bumps and other obstacles waiting for you.

The controls in Hill Climb Racing are simple and intuitive, and you’ll have no problem getting used to them pretty quickly. The main thing is to rely on your reflexes and press the buttons in time to make a sharp turn at the last second or avoid falling off a cliff. In addition, you have to collect cans of gasoline so that your car does not stall halfway. So, with one eye you need to follow the road, and with the other – for the fuel indicator. On the road you will also come across various boosters and other bonuses – from time to time they can come in handy, so don’t forget to pick them up too!

Unlock new cars and new maps!

Having started your journey on a basic machine, you can pretty quickly replace it with a more modern and high-speed model. To do this, you need to constantly collect coins scattered on the track, even if you have to make an extra loop or swerve dangerously to the side right in front of an obstacle. The more coins you put into your virtual wallet, the more money you will have at the end of the level to buy the desired vehicle. Hill Climb Racing has cars, racing cars, heavy-duty jeeps, trucks, ATVs, and even special anti-gravity vehicles to travel on the Moon! By the way, this is a particularly interesting map since you’ll have to speed up into the air and perform all kinds of aerobatics to fetch coins hanging far above the moon surface. Hit the road right now, improve your driving skills and enjoy the gameplay in Hill Climb Racing online!

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