FNAF Games

Are you looking for thrilling emotions? Then welcome to FNAF! This is a series of horror games dedicated to mysterious creatures known as animatronics. They were supposed to be just clockwork toys in a family pizzeria. But something went wrong and they turned into brutal monsters hunting everyone who is unlucky to say at the pizza place after it’s closed. Can your survive five nights in their company? Let’s see!

Who are animatronics?

During the day, it’s a usual pizza house. Kids and their parents come here to enjoy their favorite pizza and marvel at the unique feature of the establishment – a bunch of mechanical toys singing and dancing as if they are alive. The cutest of all is a huge golden-furred bear named Freddy. And he is also the most dangerous when the night comes and some kind of a dark power makes the animatronics leave their usual places and start the hunt.

Working as a night guard here, you need to stay alive until morning surrounded by the evil toys. Luckily, you have certain means of defending yourself, even though there is no gun in your drawer. For instance, the animatronics are afraid of bright lights, so by turning on the lights in the hall when they are coming near, you can fend them off, at least temporarily. The same concerns closing and opening electrically controlled doors from your security panel. However, you should note that the power supply is limited and soon it may run out!

Can you survive through five nights?

There is another very useful feature in your security room – a whole set of cameras showing you different parts of the pizzeria. Thus you will be able to tell where the monsters are located right now and it will be easier for you to avoid them. The key to success is also learning when each of the animatronics usually becomes active (that happens at different hours of the night). They also have unique behaviors, and this knowledge will give you an advantage in organizing so to say the defense of your security office.

The goal is to make it through five nights, otherwise the mad toys will tear you apart and stuff you inside a bear costume to make you one of them! If you don’t want to end up like this, you have to stay focused and keep yourself together – panicking and freezing on the spot or starting to hit the buttons randomly will almost certainly get you killed. There are various parts and versions of FNAF on our site to try. Choose any and plunge into a riveting horror adventure!

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