Talking Tom Games

Talking Tom is a series of games where you will meet a charming cat named Tom who can walk, talk and do all other things humans can. He lives in a cozy town together with his friends, and they have plenty of interesting stuff to show you! In their warm company, you will be playing various games, going on picnics and bike rides, help them around the house and at work, furnish their homes and picking clothes for them, and of course having a lot of fun!

Who is Tom and his friends?

At first sight, you can tell that Tom is a nice guy with a big heart and great manners. He is friendly and curious, he enjoys meeting new friends and trying new things. He has plenty of hobbies that he will gladly share with you and an important job – Tom works at a local news channel and tells the other residents of the town about the latest events from the TV screen. But at the same time, he is very sensitive and a bit shy. That’s why he can’t seem to work up the courage to confess his feelings to Angela, a beautiful snow-white feline girl who lives next door.

And there are many other charming characters you are going to meet in Talking Tom games. Like his colleague Ben, who seems to be a perky and rough bulldog, but is actually a softie at heart, or a naughty red kitten Ginger. Some of the games are dedicated to them and their adventures. The tender gender will particularly enjoy helping Angela with her makeup and wardrobe!

What kind of things you can do in Talking Tom games?

This entire motley company is happy to show you around their hometown and spend a great time together with you! There will be no shortage of things to do because Tom and his friends are outgoing and adventurous. They love exploring new locations, indulging in different kinds of activities, from playing puzzles and cooking cakes to running around the football field and setting up a snowball fight.

Their life isn’t cloudless as well, and sometimes you also have a chance to help them with something much more urgent than decorating a house for Christmas or choosing an outfit to go on a date. For instance, you can guide Tom through obstacle-packed levels as he runs after a raccoon who robbed his house and collects coins falling out of his bag. Or you can try your hand at getting the characters out of danger by solving riddles and pulling pins. Check out our great Talking Tom games right now and pick the one you’ll be playing today!

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