Squirrel Stapler

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Diving into the Darkly Humorous World of Squirrel Stapler

Squirrel Stapler emerges from The Dread X Collection II as a distinct horror hunting simulator, captivating players with its blend of dark humor and a unique take on horror. This brief adventure, lasting less than an hour, cleverly mocks the essence of low-budget educational games through a narrative that’s as bizarre as it is engaging. Players find themselves in the shoes of a solitary man living in seclusion, who embarks on a grotesque mission to restore the beauty of his macabre beloved—a dismembered form he’s fastened to his cabin wall, now defaced by decay and swarming flies. Inspired by the woodland’s squirrels, he devises a chilling plan to hunt them down, aiming to adorn her with their bodies to reclaim her lost beauty.

A Hunt Fraught with Peril and Absurdity

The quest to staple squirrels to a beloved’s corpse is fraught with challenges, underscored by a malevolent force within the forest that forbids the very act. Players must employ stealth and strategy to hunt squirrels, utilizing tactics like hiding, staying low, and choosing the perfect moment to strike. The game offers tools like squirrel calls to attract larger prey, but hunters must also be vigilant of the forest’s other dangers, including vengeful spirits and formidable beasts. Squirrel Stapler’s expansive, nonlinear map invites exploration, peppered with educational snippets about squirrels and unexpected encounters, including a meeting with a deity. With new features enhancing the gameplay experience—such as unlockable modes, improved game balance, and expanded options—alongside a plethora of bug fixes and achievements, Squirrel Stapler offers a rich, immersive world that’s as eerie as it is absurd, promising players an unforgettable foray into its darkly comedic depths.

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