My Talking Angela Games

My Talking Angela games will introduce you to a charming and beautiful cat character. As you can guess, her name is Angela and she really wants to become your friend. Together you have so many amazing things to get busy with! Choose a game to your liking and let’s go!

Meet Angela and make friends!

You will start the game with Angela being just a little kitten. Like every child, she needs your care and attention all the time. You have to feed her and warm up milk bottles, wash her and comb her fur, change diapers in time, play various games together to keep her entertained and comfort her when she’s crying. After a while, you’ll see Angela grow up into a young pretty cat. That’s where the most interesting things start because, like every girl, she will develop quite a passion for fashionable clothes, makeup and all the things you’ll gladly help her with opening her vast wardrobe and her cosmetics-packed night table!

Dress up, explore the city, play mini-games!

Angela really like dressing up. She already has quite a lot of clothes in her closet. But there can never be enough of those, so you’re welcome to fill it up with more outfits and accessories that you can buy for coins. Coins are earned for completing tasks and playing mini-games that will diversify the gameplay allowing you to take a break by solving puzzles, arranging geometrical figures on the board, popping up bubbles and doing other addicting things that you probably already have on your daily list of arcades to play online.

Besides, Angela enjoys spending her free time in a variety of ways. Together you will set out to explore the town she lives in, visit different locations and trying exciting activities that are available there. The heroine will gladly join you on a bike ride, invite you for a picnic in the city park or for a tennis match. She will also appreciate your assistance in furnishing her home.

Her place has four rooms that all are meant for specific activities. In the kitchen, you can cook various kinds of food and try new recipes. The bathroom is a place where you can relax taking a bubble bath and perform all sorts of cosmetic procedures that will keep your skin and fur shining. The main room is designed for playing mini-games and spending time with Angela. And when she’s tired after an eventful day, she will go to sleep in her bedroom. Start playing My Talking Angela right now and discover more!

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