GTA Games

GTA is probably the first game that comes to your mind when you hear about gangsters and car thefts. This glorious series launched decades ago, but keeps being highly popular up until now. Compared to the very first part, the latest chapter is a real masterpiece with a realistic environment, detailed world, diverse gameplay and gripping story. If you wanna plunge into the bustling criminal life of a virtual city full of dangers and entertainments – you’ve come to the right place!

See what it’s like to be a gangster!

Depending on the part you’re playing, the main characters, plot, even the location where the action takes place changes. But the essence is always the same – you become either a novice gangster who came to the big city to try one’s luck and rise in the criminal world, or some kind of a hero with a background story wishing to get his revenge or find out the truth about the death of his family. Regardless of it, you start from scratch – no weapons, no vehicle, no reputation. You have to gain all that on your own exploring the city and completing missions that will give you access to various stuff, loyal friends and other, more serious quests. And before you know it, you’re already a local authority who spreads fear and decides stuff around the city! Sounds promising, right?

Focus on completing missions or explore the world of GTA at will!

You can play GTA games in two ways – either strictly following the storyline and focusing on accomplishing missions. Or simply roaming through the city at will getting to know its most distant corners, seeking out various opportunities to have fun and to get rich and earning money and reputation completing side tasks that are rather versatile and exciting as well. For instance, you can spend some time working on an ambulance, start selling property, or simply cause chaos in the street riding around in stolen cars, knocking over by-passers and running away from the cops. The latter is what most players love GTA for.

After all, when you spend hours trying to get to the top of the Chinese mafia food chain or build a gang you can take with you to seize a district from a hostile criminal group, you want to blow off some steam and simply go crazy. Huge open world, incredible graphics and fascinating quests will keep you playing GTA online for days and weeks! Choose a version you like most and let’s go!

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