Baldi’s Basics Games

In every school, there is a teacher everybody hates. Such teachers are mean to children, boring and downright hideous. Sitting through their class is a real torture, and kids try to avoid it in every possible ways. And even if this subject used to be your favorite, you really lose any interest in it after someone like Baldi takes charge. In this game, you have to experience the rage of a crazy math teacher and run away from him collecting notebooks around the campus that will allow you to get home safely!

Don’t make Baldi angry!

Baldi is quite a character. His sole appearance is already disgusting – he is tall, bald and skinny. But even though he looks rather shabby and weak, you shouldn’t underestimate his vigor. When he flies into a rage, there seems to be a second breath that opens inside him, and he can chase you around the school all day long. Moreover, as you grow tired and need to refill your energy to keep running, he only seems to grow stronger. So you should really watch out when you made him angry and he chose you as his victim for today! Baldi won’t let go until the classes continue.

So you don’t have a lot of time to complete your tasks by gathering seven notebooks that are scattered somewhere in the building. Then you will be able to go home and forget about all this horror. At least, till the next day… Baldi is already walking towards your desk, banging his ruler against the palm of his other hand. His look doesn’t bode well. Start running right now!

Run away from Baldi and collect the notebooks!

Your way will lie through the whole campus that consists of various locations. You have to look for the shortest way around that can give you a head start against Baldi and maximize the distance between you. However, you should also beware of other characters that can slow you down and generally turn out to be Baldi’s agents. For instance, innocent-looking girls asking you to take your time and jump some rope with them. Or school bullies (that are easy to bribe by offering them a candy). By the way, you will need those candies too when you start running out of energy. So keep your eyes peeled for any vendor machines containing those vital chocolate bars to keep you charged. And beware of the principal who will surely rat you out, but note that you can use his office to hide there and distract Baldi with fake announcements from his tape recorder. Good luck!

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