2 Player Games

Wanna spend a great time with your friend, but you don’t know what to do? Check out our great 2 player games! Here you can play together with a friend either getting through all the trials as a team or competing against each other. There is a large choice waiting for you in this section, so start pick-ing the option to your taste without further ado!

Why are 2 player games more interesting?

Most online games are designed for one player. When playing them, you are the main character around whom all events unfold, who makes decisions himself (or follows the plot) and who has to fight all enemies and overcome difficulties alone. But if you are a bit bored playing against AI mobs, there is a much more interesting option – our great 2 player games!

Here you can feel all the same, only your opponent or assistant will be a live player sitting next to you and controlling his character from his own half of the keyboard – or connected to the game through the network. But this is much more exciting than AI-controlled mobs, whose behavior can be easily learned by playing this or that game for a while!

Cooperate or compete!

All 2 player games are divided into those where the players interact and help each other and those where they are, so to speak, on opposite sides of the barricades. In the first case, new tactical possi-bilities open up – for example, if this is a shooter or a fantasy RPG, one player can actively go on the attack, scattering enemies, and the second will support him from the rear, firing from long-range weapons or using healing spells. In some titles, the gameplay is specially designed so that the only way to solve puzzles and get through all the levels is by combining the unique abilities of two charac-ters.

The second option is interesting in its own way. As we have already said, the AI is quite predictable (of course, this depends on the level of difficulty, but nevertheless, with experience, you learn to more or less accurately predict the next actions of your virtual opponent). With a live player, this trick will not work. After all, the human brain uses not so straightforward algorithms – besides, they can change under the influence of the mood or emotions of the player. So playing your favorite game with a friend is always more interesting! Look through the catalog of our amazing 2 player games right now and choose the one to your liking!

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