Plants vs. Zombies Games

Plants vs. Zombies is an unusual tower defense game where instead of a medieval castle or military base you will defend your own house, and instead of brave soldiers in the ranks of your army there will be genetically modified plants with special skills. By controlling such strange troops, you will fight off crowds of zombies attacking your cozy home from the local cemetery. Will you be able to hold your ground and not let the creepy monsters go further into the city?

Green army against the walking dead!

The protagonist of Plants vs. Zombies is a simple guy who lives away from all the fuss, in his own little house on the outskirts of the suburbs. Everything was going well, he enjoyed the peace and quiet. But on one of the full moons, an inexplicable movement began in the cemetery near which his dwelling stood. It turned out that the zombies had risen from their graves and headed straight for his garden! So what’s now? A little more, and they will tear down the fence, break through and kick down the door to feast on his brains.

Fortunately, our hero is not a miss and he has a secret weapon. These are genetically modified seeds that he bought from his crazy neighbor. Each of them hides a green fighter who will defend your house to the last chloroplast. At first, only the simplest plants will be available to you, but each killed zombie will bring you a certain amount of coins, for which you can buy access to new, more powerful and interesting species!

Unlock all plant types and maximize your battle potential!

All plants in the game differ in their combat potential. There are those who actively bombard zombies with seeds, causing a certain amount of damage. Others wait patiently for an enemy to get close and explode, damaging everyone nearby. It does not hurt to plant bushes with prickly thorns on the outskirts of the house – the zombies will have to eat them in order to go further, during which they will also receive damage. And of course, you will always need money, so do not forget to set aside a garden for sunflowers, which generate income. By the way, like plants, zombies also come in different types – they differ in the level of health, attack and defense, as well as the tactical tricks that they use in trying to get into the house. Learn their strengths and weaknesses to optimally balance and position your green army! Play Plants vs. Zombies online and have fun!

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