Hello Neighbor Games

What are going to do if you think your neighbor is a maniac who is dismembering people in his basement? You don’t have enough proof to go to the police and you can sleep knowing that such a monster may live right across the street. So you decide to run a little investigation of your own. Which will have to include breaking into your neighbor’s house and checking things out. The only problem is that he rarely gets out, so you’ll have to sneak around avoiding his sight! Are you ready for such an adventure? Then let’s start playing Hello Neighbor!

Outsmart the Neighbor and find proof!

Once you step over the Neighbor’s porch, you have to be extra careful. Your antagonist is inside, and you need to move quite like a mouse making sure he doesn’t even have a thought of somebody being in his house. You will see the Neighbor walking around, doing his business – making tea, doing his morning exercises, cleaning up. When that happens, the best thing you can do is to hide somewhere. If your enemy is already dangerously close and you don’t have time for this, you can also distract him by throwing some object – then he will go to the noise and you’ll have a few extra seconds to change your location.

Since the Neighbor has a rather cunning AI, he will remember everything that happened at his place and will be ready next time you want to pull the same kind of a trick. For instance, if catches you in the act at the staircase, you can expect him to put a bear trap there. And getting into it is not the most pleasant experience! You also need to be ready that if he sees you out in the open, he will chase you and try to hit you with a shovel or something. If that happens, you will wake up in your own room again and will have to start everything over, but the Neighbor will already be alerted and prepare some kind of a grim surprise for you at that part of the house next time.

Aim for the basement and don’t get killed!

The Neighbor’s home is very large and there are dozens of rooms to check out. Your ultimate goal is the basement where he allegedly keeps all of his bloody trophies. You have to find overwhelming proof of his guilt, only then you will be able to put a stop to it. However, you won’t do any good if you get killed in the process, so avoid the Neighbor at all costs! Maybe you will even find some kind of a weapon at his place that you can use against him. Plunge into this riveting horror quest right now and good luck!

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