Sakura School Simulator Games

Sakura School Simulator is a game about the life of a Japanese teenager who goes to school, builds relationships with his or her classmates, skips classes, goes out and has all kinds of fun that are usual for boys and girls of this age. This great game with a detailed world, amazing graphics and diverse gameplay will surely spruce up your free time as you explore this vast virtual city on the sunny shores of Japan and check out all the incredible opportunities the developers have prepared for you!

Become a Japanese school kid and have fun!

The game starts expectedly for any simulator – you have to create a character in the editor section. There are ready avatars, as well as the ability to build one yourself combining various options of hairstyle, eye color and size, nose shape and other from the menu. This way, you can achieve a really unique look that can be completed and enhanced by all kinds of fashionable, classic, eccentric and downright wild clothes and accessories. For instance, you can dive into a swimming pool in a winter jacker or go to school in a bath suit!

When your character is ready, you will spawn in your house that you can change afterwards. This is a place where you will start your day and respawn after death (yes, you can die in Sakura School Simulator, but don’t worry, it won’t be permanent). From here you can also travel to various locations – not only to school, but to lots of other places as well. If you’re not in the mood to sit in the class today, you can go to the nearest cafe, cinema, amusement park, beach or simply fly over the city with your jetpack. There are also other kinds of vehicles available in the game – you can buy them for coins that you are going to receive for completing tasks.

Explore the map, try different things, meet other characters!

The tasks are mostly related to school (for instance, you need to get an A in the math class or run a certain number of circles at the campus stadium) or can pop up in the form of some unexpected events (like a zombie invasion). You can also try one of the many activities spread all over the map (how about visiting a painting class or hopping around the gym in a ballet tutu?) and build relationships with other characters that you will meet during the gameplay. Once you approach any person, you will see several options of interactions and depending on the one you choose you can either end up as best friends or sworn enemies. Start playing and find out more!

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