Poppy Playtime Games

Wanna get really scared while running a blood-chilling investigation at an old toy factory? Then wel-come to Poppy Playtime! Here you will take on the role of a former employee who returns to his old place of work to figure out what really happened here years ago when the plant was closed under mysterious circumstances. There are all kinds of puzzles, riddles and of course dangers waiting for you here!

Explore the factory, solve puzzles, use various gadgets!

The whole process runs in the first person perspective.You won’t really see your character and you won’t even know what he looks like – just his hands that you need to control performing various ma-nipulations. By the way, these manipulations are much easier to complete if you use a special device that you’re going to find inside the building. It’s a pair of electrified rubber gloves connected to a backpack. With the help of this gadget, you can reach to the most distant buttons and switches that you can’t reach with your own hands and also dig through bare wires without risking to get electro-cuted.

Very often, you will have to either figure out which of the levers to pull to set some mechanisms in motion or pick security codes on control panels to open doors. This constitutes the puzzle element of the game. You will also have to go through all the files, databases and safes that you are going to discover on the territory of the plant. There are many more amazing devices waiting for you here ex-cept for the GrabPack. Maybe these mechanical hands will even come in handy to you when fighting off the monsters that lurking somewhere in the depth of these halls and workshops!

Beware of Huggy Wuggy and other evil toys!

The main antagonist of Poppy Playtime is Huggy Wuggy. This creepy blue monster used to be one of the most popular toys produced by the company. But could all the kids that used to play with him and fall asleep peacefully in his huge wooly embrace imagine that he would actually turn into a mer-ciless killer? That’s probably why the factory was shut down so abruptly and without any official ex-planation.

And Huggy Wuggy isn’t the only thing you need to beware of! There are also other toys that have turned evil and will be hunting you all over the building. Stay away from them and make sure you don’t end up in their deceivingly soft paws and innocent-looking plastic hands playing Poppy Play-time online!

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