Bendy And The Ink Machine Games

Bendy And The Ink Machine is a horror game where you’ll have to find your way out of an abandoned cartoon studio captured by the evil cartoons. You will walk in as an ex employer – only to see an empty building that has turned into some surreal nightmare born by a possessed ink machine. Now you have to escape this dangerous place – and beware of Bendy!

When cartoons get alive

The game starts when the main hero receives a letter from the animation studio he used to work at years ago. He is kindly asked to return back to work and happily jumps at the opportunity. However, when he arrives, he discovers there is not a soul around. The studio is completely desolate. Well, not quite… There are strange movements and sounds catching his attention. And as he walks around the place trying to figure out what happened here and who sent that letter, he realizes that he is being hunted by one of his own creations – a cartoon character named Bendy.

He seems to pop out of nowhere, black and white, surrounded by the cackling of the tape. But he is different from how our hero remembers him. Now he is full of rage and desire for revenge because he thinks that protagonist actually abandoned him. You understand that it’s going to be not just an investigation of a mysterious case, but also a survival quest. Prepare to take a long and creepy walk through this inky hell and be very careful because Bendy won’t back down!

Get out of the studio and save your skin!

As you explore the studio, you will enter various rooms, look through drawers and cabinets, old files and other things that can help you get a clue about all the strange events unfolding before your eyes. This way, you will find out that the director of the studio started practicing occult rituals that that’s how the ink machine got infected by some sort of a dark force making it produce evil cartoons.

Although it does shed some light on the current situation, it doesn’t make it ever less dangerous to be inside the building. So you can’t linger anywhere for too long. Your journey will consist of solving all kinds of puzzles, trying to find keys that will open the doors you need to get through and putting bits of information together to come up with some kind of a plan on how to act further. And it’s going to be very exciting and thrilling! Embark on this spooky adventure right now and get out of the creepy studio alive!

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