Siren Head Games

Wanna plunge into a thrilling survival adventure where you will have to deal with creepy monsters that are cunning and highly dangerous? Then welcome to Siren Head! In this series of games, you’ll have to make your way out of the woods inhabited by vile creatures called sirens. Beware of their long clawed hands and ultrasound screams that they use to shock their victims!

Get out of these woods before sirens get to you!

There are quite a lot of Siren Head games the events of which unfold in various settings. But the main point is always the same – you have to get out of some place without attracting the attention of sirens. Be it a hiker lost in the forest, or a gamekeeper setting out to look for him, or even some random guy who got drunk last night and woke up in an unknown cabin god knows where, you will have to pick your step carefully, stay on your guard and use every means at your disposal not to fall prey to these spooky things.

Sirens do look horrifying. They are tall and skinny, resembling human beings, but just vaguely. They walk on two feet and use two incredibly long hands with sharp claws and wired veins to grab their confused victims. But the most dangerous weapon in their arsenal is the shockwave they produce with the speakers that loom on their shoulders instead of heads. It’s unclear where these monsters came from and who created them. One thing for sure – you need to stay away as far as possible from them!

Be careful and stay alert!

The gameplay of Siren Head is typical for most horrors. Your hero is vastly outnumbered – sirens lurk through these woods everywhere and, what’s worst, they move so quietly that you can stay unaware there is a siren nearby until the moment it will knock you off your feet with its deadly screech. Keeping your eyes peeled and staying close to shelters will save your life in this game.

The flashlight you’ll have in your hand is barely enough to illuminate the path in front of you, and you have to use it sparingly because the batteries are not endless. However, you can get lucky and come across a gun. Killing a siren is very hard, but possible. At least, you will gain a few seconds to run away while the hideous creature is recovering from the shot. Siren Head games will surely get you hooked up with their eerie atmosphere, realistic graphics and suspenseful gameplay. Plunge into this horror adventure right now and see if you can stay alive!

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