IO Games

IO games are online games with deliberately simple graphics where you need to move around the map, collect resources aka food, grow and evolve and compete with other players. There are plenty of options you can choose – from being a worm to controlling your own tank. The goal is always the same – you have to become the best eating those like you or capturing parts of the playing field bit by bit. If that sounds appealing, let’s get started!

What are IO games?

Every since their appearance, IO games have been enjoying wide popularity. What’s the secret? First of all, these games have a clear and simple interface – there is nothing to distract you, no abundance of elements and no complex rules to memorize. All you see is the figure of your character moving around the screen, collecting shiny dots or colorful spheres and fighting other players. There is no confusion even if you’re only playing for a few minutes. Secondly, the competitive element attracts thousands of players. It’s always interesting to play against live people rather than boats and seeing proof that you’re the strongest. That motivates you to invest hours into IO games and they still don’t get boring. And finally, it’s the variety of settings and plots.

Any game to your liking!

There are quite simple games where your character is basically a colorful dot that later grows into a sequence of dots of a certain size and length. And there are more complicated concepts – for instance, where you need to make your way up the evolution ladder from a primitive organism to a highly developed species. And you can choose whether to become a mammal, bird or stay and live in the sea. There are games where you need to survive in the forest and fight off zombie waves. Where you ride around on hand-drawn tanks or fly on paper planes. The options are multiple!

As you can see, IO games are really universal. They are suitable for people of all ages and with different preferences. Everyone will easily find something interesting to do in this simple yet so addicting world and you are surely going to spend a great time playing an IO game of your choice. You can invest any amount of time in it – just a few minutes while your’e having a coffee break or an entire evening. You can even drop it for several days and you’ll still be able to continue from where you left. Start doing that right now, just make sure you have a stable internet connection!

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