Minecraft Games

There is probably not a single person who hasn’t heard about Minecraft. This word is synonymous with broken pixels, and square-headed heroes, and angular zombies, and of course cubes of various materials that you will be mining with your pickaxe. Here you can explore and build, fight and com-pete, craft and fool around. All this is readily available in our great Minecraft games!

Explore, craft and fight!

You’ll start out on a randomly generated map. This is the world you’ll have to explore, conquer and reshape. At first, you won’t have much to begin with. Just a basic wooden pickaxe that you can use to mine your very first batch of resources. This stuff can be used to craft, for instance, a better pick-axe and also some kind of a weapon because these cubic lands can be quite dangerous. And don’t make it too long before you build a house, even if it’s just a clumsy hut. You won’t regret it at night when the pixel valleys are filled with spiders, skeletons, zombies and other vile creatures coming out for a hunt!

You will also find lots of these monsters in dungeons where you will surely descend sooner or later in search of treasures and rare materials. As you move through the game, you will learn to craft more and more complicated things. Your hero will be properly equipped, with all kinds of close- and long-range weapons, sturdy armor, even magical amulets and potions. An your house will become unrec-ognizable, with beautiful furniture and all sorts of comforts to make your life in Minecraft not only ex-citing, but also cozy.

Choose a mode to your liking!

There are different modes in Minecraft for those who want to focus on just one element of the game-play. If you’re more of a building and crafting kind, you can enjoy limitless creativity in a world with plentiful resources and absolutely no enemies. Here you can come up with all kinds of impressive projects, from medieval castles with jaw-dropping architecture to huge modern neon-lit cities with flying cars.

Those willing to fight will surely find joy in survival mode. Here you will have to take care of staying alive first of all. Prepare for heightened portions of monsters attacking you and concentrate your re-source gathering and crafting efforts on arming your character from head to toe. As you can see, Minecraft offers activities to any taste. Start exploring this incredible pixel world right now and have fun!

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