Wobbly Life Games

Wobbly Life is a colorful and exciting game with a huge open world that you’re free to explore and enjoy various activities available in it either alone or with your friends. Prepare to take part in riveting races, fly over the city with a jetpack, clean the streets from trash, run journalistic investigations working on a local news channel and much more! You surely won’t fall short of options playing this great game!

Explore the city and enjoy the wide range of entertainments!

The action unfolds in a virtual city inhabited by strange-looking yellow creatures of a round shape. Basically, they are just heads on tiny legs. But that doesn’t prevent them from living the life of normal humans – walk around the streets, drive cars, go to work, live in their cozy houses and doing a lot of other things (some of them even far beyond the boundaries of what can be called normal). You hero is one of these creatures – he’s just been kicked out of home by his granny who got tired of looking after him. Now he has to come up with a way to make a living on his own. And there are multiple op-portunities to earn some money in Wobbly Life!

To find a few, you just have to check out the map and go to any of the locations you see on it. You will gain access to plenty of quests and jobs that are available in the city. Maybe you’d like to work at a nuclear station inventing a new revolutionary kind of fuel? Just don’t blow up the whole city in the process! Or you’re more like making a culinary career at a local restaurant? It’s not even necessary to get employed to cash in – you can simply take part in one of the riveting car races or trash clean-ing contests and enjoy your prize! Or you can go treasure hunting hoping to find all the hidden chests with gold and other rewards scattered around the map.

Play Wobbly Life together with your friends!

There are lots of ways to spend money in Wobbly Life. You can buy various looks and accessories for your character to make him stand out from the round yellow crowd. A new car won’t hurt as well, or maybe you’d like to gather a whole garage! Finally, there is always a bigger house in a more pres-tigious neighborhood where you can move into.

And the most exciting thing is that you can enjoy all this together with your friends! The game sup-ports up to 8 players that can join the same session simultaneously. Imagine how much fun it will be! So don’t wait any further, invite your friends to join Wobbly Life right now and set out on your very first common adventure in this bright virtual world!

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