FNF Games

Friday Night Funkin Games is a riveting rhythm-based arcade where you have to hit the right buttons to the beat and defeat various rivals. What makes it so addicting though is not the gameplay itself – there is a whole story behind it, and a quite romantic one. Great songs that would sound amazing in any playlist, awesome characters and new mods coming out regularly – all that makes FNF a number one choice in the genre!

Music is love, and love is music!

It all started when the main hero (he is called just Boyfriend) fell in love. The girl loved him back and it seemed nothing can stop them from being together. Except her father. Daddy Dearest is very strict. He thinks nobody is worthy of his daughter (she is called just Girlfriend as well). And he forbids her from seeing you. But maybe there is a chance to find a way to his unbending heart. You discover that he used to be a rock star back in the day. And that he still enjoys performing once in a while.

So you decide to challenge him to a musical duel to prove that you are a decent candidate for Girlfriend’s hand. Will you be able to defeat such an experienced and rough opponent? That’s why you’re about to find out! And he won’t be the only one because the road will music will lead Boyfriend to place he couldn’t even imagine of visiting and provoke encounters that are worth remembering until the end of his days! Are you ready to set out on this incredible hip-hop adventure? Then let’s begin!

Groove to the beat and shine on stage!

The gameplay of the basic Friday Night Funkin version is split in several weeks. Each week introduces a new opponent you have to defeat. There is a short intro at the beginning telling you how you got to meet this new character and what’s your beef with him. Sometimes it’s going to be a matter of life and death, so take it seriously! Each of your rivals has some unique tricks up their sleeve. And each comes with new tracks to beatbox to, so it will a different experience every time. The songs are great on their own, you’ll be delighted to listen to them while playing, especially since you’ll be the one performing them!

Your goal is to keep with the rhythm hitting the right buttons without skipping too many beats. The movements of your fingers must be perfectly timed to the music otherwise you’ll be losing health. Each successful hit will increase your score, and if you hit a lot of beats in a row, you will get a combo that looks very spectacular. Start playing Friday Night Funkin online, check out our awesome mods with even more opponents and have fun!

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