Super Bear Adventure Games

If you love platformers, you cannot allow yourself to miss Super Bear Adventure. This cool game is a great adventure for little players, and even adults will find it engaging. Your hero is a cute bear who lives in a cool kingdom inhabited by friendly animals. But one day, their peaceful existence was abruptly interrupted. Do you want to discover more? It is time to open the game and embark on the first adventure with a lovely protagonist. We bet you will never get bored in this project full of quests and puzzles!

About the plot

As it has been mentioned, some strange events started to unfold in this peaceful kingdom. One day, some animals have simply disappeared, while others have turned into monstrous creatures that attack others. What is going on? Soon, you will find out that this is the evil Rhino King who is planning to capture this joyful kingdom. He will not stop, and someone mist deal with him until it is too late. It will turn out that a little bear is the most courageous personage. And he takes a decision to save his friends and defeat the treacherous monster. Now the hero must start on a long journey full of damages and risks. Will you join him to help him overcome difficulties and find clues to endless secrets. You will unlock magic hats and earn coins for your good performance. Interact with everyone and everything you meet to make the gaming experience more enjoyable!

Enjoy six cool levels!

You are offered to guide your bear through six exciting levels in this platformer. Each of them represents a new theme. The hero will go through a forest and a desert, he will try to survive in a snowy environment and in an area with a volcano. You will enjoy his adventures in a castle and even in space! Each part of this incredible journey comes with new challenges and trials. Besides, you will need to confront a boss in the end and skillfully defeat him! All you need is to use a virtual joystick to navigate your bear through all these areas. Whenever there is an obstacle in front of your hero, make him jump it over in time to continue his trip. There are a lot of side quests that will unlock new items in the menu. You can also interact with other characters in the game, unlock hats and earn coins. Get involved in dialogues with funny personages you meet on your way. And do not hesitate to change the protagonist’s appearance for more fun! Prove you can save the kingdom from the evil monster!

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