Purble Place Games

Purble Place is a cute and relaxing game that will invite you to visit a charming and colorful world full of secrets, riddles and fun. It’s meant for the youngest audience, but the rest of the family will surely find it alluring and entertaining as well, especially passing the levels and dealing with the tasks together with the little ones. So, shall we begin?

Plenty of colorful and exciting mini-games!

Once you launch Purble Place, you get a choice of several activities that are available in the game. They are focused on developing and improving various skills in the young players, like attention span, ability to focus, visual memory, color and shape differentiation and so on. With the help of this simple-looking challenges, kids will learn even without noticing it, in a fun and delightful way.

For instance, you will be asked to make cakes in a virtual bakery. You’ll have to combine several layers of different color and shape to create your own perfect confection. At first, the cakes will be small and simple, but then you’ll proceed to building real towers of biscuit, chocolate and sugar galzing. Bright colors, vibrant interface and the fascinating process of cake making will surely keep the children at the screen for a long time!

Solve puzzles, pass levels and have fun!

But this is not the only option you can find in Purble Place menu. Here you can also rake your brains over classic puzzles like mahjong trying to find pairs of identical images after the tiles are turned over and the timer sets off. Try to remember the position of all the pairs and click on them with a minimum number of mistakes. The faster you find all the matches the higher your score is going to be.

Another great entertainment is trying to build a human face connecting various parts of it that seem to fit together. You’ll see a mixture of eyes, noses, ears and lips on the screen. Out of them all, you need to choose those that belong to the same face. It’s not only fun (and just as hard as putting together a jigsaw puzzle), but also allows you to unleash your imagination and simply fool around.

As you can see, Purble Place is really a great place to spend your free time. It’s a great game for kids and adults alike where you will find a decent choice of mini-games and puzzles to have fun with benefit for your brains. Immerse yourself in this bright and hospitable world right now and enjoy every minute of your stay here!

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