Undertale Games

Remember you used to believe there are monsters living in the basement? Well, in Undertale it’s true! With one exception – these monsters are not so scary. Actually, they are kind of cute. Set out on a gripping adventure through their fairy tale kingdom, meet charming characters, make friends and enemies and, most importantly, shape the end of the story with your choices!

The world of cute monsters and moral choices

The whole thing starts when a little boy named Fisk goes into the basement and suddenly falls through a crack between dimensions. He finds himself in a world that totally differs from ours. The creatures that inhabit it don’t look like anyone he knew before that at all. Fluffy and clawed, anthropomorphic and bestial, ghosts, skeletons, talking flowers – all this variety will fall on you from the very first minutes of Undertale.

Your main goal is to get back home, but you still can’t do it without exploring the kingdom of monsters inside and out. Moreover, it is so interesting! Each character here is not just a mob with a predetermined set of algorithms, but a full-fledged personality with its own past and character traits. Their attitude towards you will change depending on what you say and do. Whether to become a noble hero who saves those in need, or an unprincipled villain who will not hesitate to kill anyone who gets in his way – you decide!

Explore, solve puzzles, fight and change the course of the story!

Of course, you could not get into the world of Undertale just like that. During the game, you will find out that obviously you have an important mission on which the fate of this whole world depends. It will not do without dangers, because there are always vile and cunning characters who want to use you for their own purposes. But there will be those who will agree to help you and even accompany you in your wanderings.

The gameplay consists of moving between different locations, searching for items, solving puzzles and turn-based battles. The combat system is organized quite interestingly – when the enemy throws a spear or some kind of spell at you, you need to control the heart symbolizing Fisk’s soul, dodging attacks. In turn, you, too, can deliver different types of strikes, developing your combat skills as the game progresses. Embark on an exciting world of monsters right now and find out all the alternate endings of Udertale!

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